Our programme

To integrate intellectual and emotionally holistic ways of learning, we carry out and teach Enrichment and Revision programmes daily. Enrichment programmes are specially researched and tailored to suit the various learning modalities of the child: intellectual, spiritual, adversity, emotional and financial. Our Revision programme strengthens and reinforces what the child learns in school.



Our programme: Daily Time table

Before School

7.00am       Arrival/Study Period/Silent Reading
8.45am       Tea Break
9.00am       Mind & Body & Enrichment/ Revision
10.00am     Study Period/ Silent Reading/ Shower
11.00am     Lunch
11.20am     Free & Easy
11.30am     Preparation for School


After School
1.45pm       Arrival/Shower/Lunch/ Study Period
2.30pm       Rest Time
3.00pm       Water Parade/ Toilet Break/ Housekeep
3.15pm       Mind & Body & Enrichment/ Revision
4.15pm       Tea Break
4.30pm       Study Period/ Silent Reading
6.00pm:      Free & easy/ Preparation for Home
7.00pm:      Official Closing Time

7.00am       Arrival/ Interactive activity
9.00am       Study Period/ Educational Activity
10.00am     Tea-Break
10.15am      Rest Time
10.45am     Mind & Body
11.00am     Study Period/ Educational Activity
12.00pm     Free & Easy/ Preparation for Home
1.30pm       Official Closing Time


Before School Care
Morning tea break and lunch will be provided.


After School Care
Lunch and afternoon tea break will be provided.


Full Day Programme
Morning tea break, lunch and afternoon
tea break will be provided.

Please note that TLC provides nutritious vegetarian food for lunch.